Imagination Playground 3D Builder app – FREE DOWNLOAD!

Come build with Imagination Playground! Like the well-known Big Blue Blocks in real life, the Imagination Playground 3D Builder app encourages open ended, unstructured free play.

Just like in real life, users can stack, connect, and channel with the Imagination Playground building blocks. The Blocks overflow with limitless creative potential for builders. Play, dream, learn and explore endless possibilities while building.

Learn through play, and enjoy the benefits of Imagination Playground 3D Builder: joy, fun, sharing, self expression, focus, determination, creativity, imagination, exploration, problem solving, release, relaxation, fine motor skills, tech skills, accomplishment, empowerment, and more.

Bring Imagination Playground into the classroom! Build with the principles of construction and engineering in the Quick Builder mode. Observe the effects of physics by turning on Gravity mode and watching the Blocks take on their real life physical properties. Use the blocks to understand proportion, geometry, and basic math principles



We’ve all stacked blocks in the real world at one point or another. But, have you ever stacked blocks digitally? This video demonstrates stacking as well as horizontal and vertical rotation. Learn how to build a small house out of Imagination Playground blocks. We’d love to see you build something much more imaginative that we have in this demo!

Download the app today and start building!


“It is rare that you find a high quality, entertaining and educational app for free and Imagination Playground 3D Builder hits the jackpot.”

The iPhone Mom (4.8/5)

“In addition to problem solving, students can strengthen their motor skill development and work towards the accomplishment of finishing their creation.”


“Whether they choose to construct a tower, a castle, a race track, or a combination of all three, Imagination Playground 3D Builder will give them hours of interesting and imaginative fun.”

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