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Maker Shields
Maker Shields
Maker Shields

Maker Shields

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As museums, schools and play places begin to reopen, we know there are concerns about cleanliness and sanitation. Imagination Playground has the perfect solutions for these worries with our Block Wash, PureGreen24 disinfectant, and now, our NEW Maker Shields!

These new face shields are the ideal way for integrating fun and safety. Made from latex-free materials, the child's shield is designed for the the size and contour of their faces to make children as comfortable as possible while being cautious. Each piece is able to be removed for cleaning and sanitation. Individual parts are available to purchase extending the life and functionality of this shield indefinitely. 

Each Shield Includes:

- Latex Free Elastic Band

- Flexible Foam Browpad with holes for building

-Optically clear laminate shield

If you are looking for a child's shield packaged with blocks to build with check out our Builder Shield!