Add-on Medium Blocks Set – Angles
Add-on Medium Blocks Set – Angles
Add-on Medium Blocks Set – Angles

Add-on Medium Blocks Set – Angles

Each Imagination Playground Set is unique and is designed for specific play environments and space constraints. To make sure that you have the best Imagination Playground experience, we ask that you talk to a specialist to determine which block set and piece configuration will work best for you.

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They're half the size of our Big Blue Blocks, but there's nothing small about them. Their architectural-scale play lets kids dream bigger—even in smaller spaces.  The Medium Blue Blocks are perfectly sized for smaller indoor or outdoor spaces such as classrooms, private homes, or day care centers. 

The Add-On Angles Blocks Set is a kit of parts complimentary to the Imagination Playground Medium Blue Blocks. The Angles Set introduces more advanced geometric concepts like polygons and concave shapes.

Wider range in scale and angular shapes gives children more variety and the ability to construct more mechanical connections. 

The Angles up the ante in complexity as the children construct and play. These shapes prompt children to consider balance, asymmetry, positive and negative space, and to think ahead as they build. The new shapes also prompt more nuanced thinking—with more small-scale parts that allow for props, accents, furniture, and object-scale inventions. Through trial and error, children also learn to work with irregularity and parts that don’t easily fit together.

Imagination Playground is made out of a non-toxic, waterproof foam, the blocks are resistant to mold, mildew, corrosion, and microorganisms. Introducing breakthrough technologies, these highly durable parts can be recycled if desired; please contact Imagination Playground for more details.

Ages: 2 and up

Number of parts: 46 pieces

Medium Blocks - Angles