Add-on Big Blocks Set – Curves
Add-on Big Blocks Set – Curves
Add-on Big Blocks Set – Curves
Add-on Big Blocks Set – Curves
Add-on Big Blocks Set – Curves

Add-on Big Blocks Set – Curves

Each Imagination Playground Set is unique and is designed for specific play environments and space constraints. To make sure that you have the best Imagination Playground experience, we ask that you talk to a specialist to determine which block set and piece configuration will work best for you.

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Imagination Playground's most popular collection is designed for large indoor or outdoor spaces such as playgrounds, schools, gyms, parks, museums, or child care facilities.

The Imagination Playground Add-On Curves Blocks Set is a kit of parts complimentary to the Imagination Playground Big Blue Blocks.

The Curves Set offers curvilinear shapes that add an element of whimsy, and allow children more opportunities for self-expression. 

These complex, biomorphic forms give children much greater range for figuration, finer details and advanced structures.

The Curves blocks boost the complexity of the children’s inventions: children make moving parts, structures based on connectors, and irregular compositions that require consideration of balance. The children are able to make more elaborate characters as well as props and accessories to fuel their dramatic play. The curved, ergonomic contours also invite more sensory and body interaction with the parts—children love to rock, ride-on and hug them.

Imagination Playground is made out of a non-toxic, waterproof foam, the blocks are resistant to mold, mildew, corrosion, and microorganisms. Introducing breakthrough technologies, these highly durable parts can be recycled if desired; please contact Imagination Playground for more details.

Ages: 2 and up
Number of Parts: 46 in 12 different shapes
Max Headcount Per Set: 6-8 additional children
Min Space Requirement: 50 additional square feet

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